Ancient music

One of the most beloved instruments of the Renaissance and the eraly Barroc Periods, the Cornett was well apreciated as a virtuoso instrument, the soprano voice of the sackbuts ensemble and the best colla parte instrument, for its sound is, of ll instruments, the nearest to the human voice.

ancient music projects

L'Italia e la Spagna!

A solo Program with Organ about the reciprocal musical influence between Italy and Spain through the court of Naples.

Por ser algo curvo

A colorful travel throught spanish Renaissance and early Barroc music presenting various convinations of voices and instruments typical of the ministriles.

Dal cielo d'un bel volto, al crudo inferno

Virtuoso music on the 17th Century's  Italy.

Requiem for Giovanni Gabrieli

A Renaissance Christmass

Christmass music of the Renaissance with original instruments.